Female doberman who is a constant barker

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:18 January 2017 

Q.  I have a 2 and a half year old female doberman who is a constant barker and i've been having issues with the neighbours. I'm unsure of which model to go with but I have been recommended an e collar and this site from friends with dobermans who have had the same issues. There are so many bark collars to choose from and I cant make up my mind.


A.  Thanks for getting in touch.  The advice you have been given is correct, an electric collar is the best option for you with a adult Doberman.  They can be a bit persistent!  I will send you the links to the two I would recommend.  The SportDog model is our biggest selling bark collar and ideal for larger breed stubborn dogs.  The second is also suited to your situation.



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