The Citronella Spray Bark Collar Isn't Effective, So Now What?

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:28 December 2016 

Q.  We have a German Shepherd x Coolie x Carne Terrier, she barks a lot when we are gone and we have received some complaints. She is a very soft dog, and wouldn't deal with a large shock collar.  We currently have citronella spray bark collar. It worked for the firest few days, but now it doesn't phase her at all.  What are our options?  Also, what is the difference between the shock collar and the vibration collar?  I want to resolve this ASAP as we are renting and can't afford to lose her or get kicked out.


A.  That is an interesting mix of breeds.  The truth of the matter is that you really have no choice but to consider an electric collar.  Anything else would be going backwards. We also have this article, "Bark Collars: Which is Better, Citronella Spray or Static Electric".

The right bark collar should have multiple levels that allows you start at a low, soft level and build up slowly until you reach the level your dog responds to... no more than that.

Unlike citronella, your dog will just stop barking when the collar gets put on as they become 'collar-wise'.  So they don’t continually get corrected during the day.

To help determine which bark collar is going to be best for your dog, I will need to find out some more details from you.  Please contact me on 1300 668 931.