What is the best anti bark collar for my Dachshund

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:19 January 2017 

Q.  What is the best anti bark collar for our 12kg Dachshund?


A.  For your Dachshunds, we have a couple of collars that will work for your situation.

We have an electric option which has a 98-99% success rate or the spray collars which have a 70-75% success rate

In regards to the spray collars I would recommend the PetSafe PBC22-14130.

This collar will pick up the sound of your dogs bark and will administer a spray towards your dogs muzzle.

In regards to the electric collars I would recommend the following collars.

The Dogwatch BT-7 if you have more than one dog on the property.

Or if you only have the one dog I would recommend the Dogtra YS 300

Both of these collars are user set which means you set the level of correction to match our dogs temperament

Any of these 3 collars will deter your dogs from barking.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate in contacting us on 1300 668 931