Why Isn't the Electric Bark Collar Working on My Dog

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:10 January 2017 

Q.  Hi, I recently purchased a Rechargeable Electric Bark Collar.  It has had absolutely no effect.  I fully charged it (overnight) 'tested' it on a hard surface and the light came on.  I have previously used (rented) an anti-bark collar that had an instant effect.  Am I doing something wrong?  Noting that my 30 Day Performance Guarnatee is due to expire, I like to firstly ensure I am using the bark collar correctly, or perhaps return this one for something more effective.  Thanks in advance


A.  Thanks for getting in touch.  It sounds like the collar is functioning properly, based on the test you completed.  So the most common cause of an ineffective collar from there is fitting.  This can be tricky with some units and the collar fit can be poorly described in some manuals.  Check out this link for a detailed explanation and a video on the best way to fit a bark collar - https://www.barkcontrol.com.au/total-resource-centre/product-help-centre/bark-control-collars/bark-collar-deterrent-basics/dog-barking-collars-how-to-fit-one-properly/

Please try fitting this collar and monitoring how your dog responds to it over the next couple of days.  If things don't improve, we will take it from there.  Thanks!