Is the Innotek SD-2025 Dog Fence Collar Compatible with the Innotek SD-2100 Dog Fence System

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:20 December 2016 

Q.  Is the Innotek SD-2025 comparable with the SD-2100 collars?  I currently have the Innotek SD-2100 dog fence and the collars are rechargeable.  Are Innotek not making the SD-2100 collars any more? 


A.  The Innotek SD-2025 is the basic fence collar.  It is weather-resistant and runs off a battery.  It will work with your fence, but is quite basic compared to the SD-2225 collar (see image) designed for this fence.  We do get the SD-2225 collars in from time to time, you can find out about stock levels by clicking here


Q.  Are Innotek not making them anymore?  If not, is there another dog fence containment system that I could use as an alternative?  Will it work with the wire I have currently installed?  Do any of the other systems have rechargeable collars?  It is for a small dog and a medium dog on 1.5 acres

A.  Unfortunately they are not manufacturing the Innotek SD-2100 containment fence anymore.  Also, there are no more reliable, rechargeable dog fences on the market currently, which is mainly due to the fact that when the collar is flat there is often a 12 hour time frame required to recharge the collars.  With the battery powered collars, it is simply a matter of swapping the flat battery for a new one.  The dog fences we have available are compatible with the wire you currently have installed. 

We do have a fence that offers a collar battery life of up to 2 years, which is the DogWatch Hidden Fence 1200FMD.  This system also has various sized collars to suit different dogs.  You could also consider the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence which will include a collar for your medium sized dog, and then purchase the PetSafe PUL-275 collar which will be for your smaller dog. 

If you have any questions about these dog fencing systems or collars, feel free to contact us.