Do You Have an Escaping Dog? Here are the Available Solutions

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:5 March 2014 

What is the best solution to stop your dog escaping; electric dog fences (aka invisible dog fence or dog containment systems), a custom built Kennel Run, chaining the dog up, or build a whole new fence??

Dog Fencing Solutions for Escaping Dogs:Dog Fence Sign

So your dog is getting out and you've had your first council fine.  Alternatively, you may have just paid the vet bill after your dog was hit by a car.  Both unpleasant scenarios to consider, but they happen daily around the country.  The next step for most dog owners is obviously to stop it happening again.

There are so many options out there to restrain and contain even the most stubborn escaping dog.  Appearance, price, reliability and the dogs welfare are also important considerations when finalising your choice in dog containment.  Let's take a look at some of the most common:

Dog tethered to a rope or chain
Tethering the Dog:  This is often a stop gap measure till something more permanent is put in place.  However for some dogs it can unfortunaley become permanent.
Tieing up the dog to a chain or rope should only be a short term solution as accidental strangulation is a very common outcome if the dog becomes tangled .  Dehydration can also result if the dog knocks over his water bowl or cannot reach it.  Better dog tie out systems that are staked out with a lead running off the run are better.

PROS:  Quick to set up, low price.
CONS:  Potentially dangerous/fatal, wears out patches in grass, restrictive to dog.

Electric fence for farm animals and stockElectric Fencing:  Not to be confused with Dog Containment Systems.

Here we are talking about the live ribbon or wire of electric fencing that will zap you if you touch it!  Most effective for digging dogs.  However usually not effective if dog is jumping the fence, because the escaping dog needs to touch the wire and the ground to complete the circuit and get the correction.  As soon as his feet are off the ground system is usually useless even if touching the wire.  Also if a branch or similar falls on the fence and touches the ground the wire/ribbon is earthed and no longer effective, non restrictive to the dog

PROS:  Not too expensive, relativley easy to install
CONS:  Limited success for jumping dogs, children/native wildlife etc often receive accidental shocks, temperamental.

Dog Fence system that uses electric collars
Dog Containment Systems: 
Ok, also known as, hidden dog fences, inground radio fences for dogs etc. Effectively the dog wears a collar that activates a static correction when it gets too close to the boundary wire that carries a radio signal.

This type of electronic dog fence system relies on the dog wearing his containment collar to get the correction.  However proper training often results in a dog never going near the fence again, whether wearing collar or not.  Highly effective method to prevent dogs escaping, whether jumping or digging, and even no fencing at all exists.

PROS:  Not overly expensive (in fact thses dog fences get proportionally cheaper the bigger they get, relativley easy installation process, generally effective in all escaping situations, practically invisible, not restrictive to dog
CONS: Dog must wear collar to get correction.  Not really a con but it is important to ensure you buy the right dog fence system to suit your dog and existing conditions.

This is known as a dog pen, dog enclosure, kennel run or dog cageDog Enclosures/ Kennel Runs:

Involves building or having installed a dog run that effectively cages your dog.  Effective measure but obviously restrictive which for most people is not desirable.

However if other methods aren't possible then may be the only solution.  Important to ensure that dog gets plenty of exercise and attention outside kennelling times.

PROS: Effective if a quality kennel run, cost effective DIY kennel runs available.
CONS: Restrictive to dog, requires owners to commit to exercise for dog, custom built options expensive.

Dog fence using traditional fence structure which is often expensive
Building Adequate Fencing:
  Obviously a sound solution when done properly.

However you need to consider height of fencing for jumping dogs, concrete trenching under the fence if your dog digs etc.

The obvious major downfall in may instances is cost.  Obviously the larger the block the more expense. 

PROS:  Can build to suit your needs and make as secure as you require, non restrictive.
CONS: COST!!  Also difficult to change once in place.

I know there is probably other tactics you could employ to stop your dog escaping your property.  However I think we have covered the main alternatives.  Everyones own circumstances will dictate whether building a new structural fence, installing a containment system, an electric dog fence or a kennel run / dog enclosure is best for their own situation.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you make that decision.