How to Find the Right Level on a Remote Training Collar to Best Suit Your Dog

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:12 June 2012 

Responsible use of your dog training collar starts with knowing the right training level to work your dog in. This easy guide will show you where to start!

Dog Training Collar: Finding the Right Level

For those that have never used an electronic dog training collar, finding the right correction level is one of the most important things to establish.

The reason this is such a vital step in the process, is because we want to create the best environment for your dog to learn. If the level on the dog training collar is too low the dog continues to ignore training commands and no learning takes place. If the level is too high the dog may become stressed, which creates an environment where a dog is not in an optimal state to learn.  

In previous articles I have discussed selecting the right training collar for your dog and how to ensure Get results with your dog training collar by finding the right starting levelyour dog does not become collar-wise. So, let’s assumes we have covered those areas and we are at the stage of wanting to use the dog training collar for the first time. Our next goal is to establish the lowest correction level where your dog acknowledges the static impulse from the training collar.

This is easily done, by setting the collar to its lowest correction level (different brands of dog training collars will do this differently). I then suggest leaving the dog in a familiar area like your back yard.  Allow him to wander freely, until you catch him not focused on you or anything else in particular.

At this point, activate the stimulation button on your hand held remote. What you are looking for is a change in the dog’s demeanour. It may be an ear flick, a head movement of some type or the dog appearing to become alert. If you get a reaction of some sort you have found the lowest stimulation level for your dog.

If you see no visible reaction from your dog at all, assuming the electric dog training collar is working and fitted correctly, we need to gradually increase the stimulation, one level at a time. When you find the level that your dog first reacts to you have found your dog’s minimum correction level.

Over time when using your remote dog training collar, you will find that you may need different correction levels for different training applications. Your dog may need higher levels when in a state of high drive (in the case of a dog going after wildlife) and lower levels for more precise training (sharpening up heel work).

Remember, we only want to use the training levels of the E-Collar to the point where we stop the unwanted behaviour, not beyond. The key is to start low and work up. In a short time you will be aware of what levels are required in certain circumstances.