SportDog SBC-10R No Bark Collar Review

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:1 August 2016 

If you have a dog over 14kg there is probably not a better bark collar out there. Regardless of your breed the SportDog 10R is the collar for you!

Sportdog Rechargeable No Bark Collar SBC-10R Review

The Basics:

The SportDog SBC-10R No Bark Collar is the top performing barking collar available today.  It is a fully submersible, waterproof unit and is also rechargeable which eliminates ongoing battery costs.  The SBC-10R suits dogs from 12kgs upwards and the stimulation level can be adjusted automatically or manually to match the dog’s determination to bark.

How It Works:

The SBC-10R features dual activation, which uses the sound of the dogs bark plus the vibration from their vocal chords to activate the collar. This eliminates the chance of false corrections caused by other dogs barking or rough play.

Three different operating modes set this unit apart from any other on the market.  There are two more commonly used modes. The User Selected mode where the owner sets the collar to an appropriate level and the Progressive Correction mode where the unit automatically increases a level with each bark and resets once the dog is quiet for a short period.  The temperament learning mode is third and increases a level with each bark, though instead of resetting once the dog is quiet, it holds to the level that stopped the barking and begins from this point if the barking starts again.

The dogs make the association between the collar, the correction and their barking within the first couple of days.  From this point onwards most dogs understand that when the collar is on, they must be quiet to avoid a correction. 


The SBC-10R is one of the toughest units out there and can survive heavy knocks and plenty of water-wear.  Having the option of three separate operating modes makes the collar customisable for mild-tempered dogs up to the most stubborn breeds.  The dual activation feature makes it perfect for those with more than one dog and the collar also has a rapid rechargeable battery that lasts for up to four months when fully charged.

Faulting the 10R is a hard task.  The single button operation for changing between correction modes and levels takes a bit of getting used to, though it is quite simple once you’ve run through the process a couple of times.  It is a little bulky and best for dogs over 15kg.

Final Word:

The SportDog SBC-10R No Bark Collar wraps the features of all other quality bark collar models into one compact package.  When you take into consideration the long-life rechargeable battery and tough design, it’s hard to beat the SBC-10R as a reliable solution to any barking problem.  One of the best bark collar available today!