My German Shepherd doesn't stop barking... What would you suggest?

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:16 January 2017 

Q.  I have a German shepherd about 15 months old, and doesn't stop barking at anything.  He is very stubborn and have tried an anti barking house thing u hang on a tree, and sends a high pitched noise when he barks.  It only lasted 2 nights.  What would you suggest?


A.  I tried calling earlier to discuss your situation.  However, either of these two are the best collars for your situation and proven many times over for large breeds:

SportDOG NoBark Bark Control SBC-10R



Dogtra YS-500 No Bark Collar


I would strongly suggest that ultrasonic devices and citronella are going to have a very low chance of working and a static collar is your best method of fixing the problem quickly.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call.