We're after a barking / training collar for our large Mastiff x Great Dane

Author: Neil Smith   Date Posted:12 January 2017 


Q.  We're after a collar for our large mastiff x great dane to help prevent excessive barking and possibly help with training (whilst walking etc). Just wondering what you would recommend. Thanks for your help.


A.  You are looking at two different products, one for barking and one for training.  However you can use a remote trainer for barking as well, if you are there to push the button.

So if he is barking when you are not home…then a bark collar is best:


As far as remote trainers go, the right one depends on things like how much range, strength of correction levels etc you need.


You probably should discuss this with us before purchasing.

Hope this has helped a bit.  Please call to discuss any questions you may have.