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Who is Bark Control Australia?  


Bark Control Australia (ABN 58 613 060 665) is owned and operated by Neil Smith, an experienced private dog trainer and a former Police Dog Handler and Trainer with the Queensland Police.

Neil brings a wealth of experience in the use and suitability of bark collars, remote training collars, containment dog fencing and the variety of other products on the Bark Control Australia Website.

Bark Control Australia relies on a trained team of experts to provide you with the right information to get the right product.  We do not believe that the types of product we offer are suitable for a website that offers no phone support or dead end phone numbers. 

Our staff members have lots of practical knowledge gleaned from using our products and visiting many customers and their pets. They are happy to provide you with practical help and advice.


 “Working as a Police Dog Handler and Trainer for 17 years and numerous private dog training clients has provided me with the opportunity to use the products I sell on this website.  This knowledge I can pass on to you as a true industry expert.  Don’t hesitate to call and let us help you get the right product for your needs!”  



Our aim:

help solve your dog and cat problems quickly

help you to enjoy your pet more

help improve your pet's lifestyle

Remain dedicated to the welfare and safety of animals

We Thank You For Considering Our Products.