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The most effective way to stop dog barking is with an anti-bark collar.  Citronella spray barking collars are an effective method to stop dog barking in pet breed dogs whilst electric barking collars deliver a harmless static correction that are effective on stubborn dogs both large and small as well as working breeds.   Sonic barking collars can be a dog barking solution for young puppies that are not old enough for other forms of barking collars or if your dog is extremely timid.  Not all dogs are the same so we provide a wide selection of Dog Barking Collars to ensure there is a collar suitable for nearly all circumstances

Breed, size, weight and what may be causing your dog barking problem are all factors to consider before selecting the right bark collar for you.  We have designed our range of bark collars so that there is hopefully an option for all dog owners.  To stop dog barking in young pups under 6 months or with very small dogs under 2kg, we ask you to contact us these situations are more complex and may need some expert advice.

By scrolling to the bottom of this page you will find articles and buying guides related to how to stop dog barking and the various dog barking collars availble.  If you would like more information before selecting a bark collar, please do not hesitate to contact one of our barking collar experts on 1300 668 931.

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