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18th Apr 2024

DogWatch Hidden Fence 1200FMD - The Best Electric Dog Fence System on the market today!

We can proudly announce that Bark Control is now the preferred online retailer for the DogWatch Hidd

18th Apr 2024

Dog Barking Collars - How to fit one properly

Your dog's collar needs to be fitted high up on your dog's neck (just underneath their jawline) and

18th Apr 2024

How Dog Containment Fences work

First of all, please note that when we talk about containment fence systems, electric dog fences, hi

18th Apr 2024

Most Popular Dog Containment Fence Layouts

We often get asked how to install a containment fence system or what the best layout is. Everyone's

17th Apr 2024

Dogs and children

Any dog can bite! All parents and those dog owners that regularly have children visit their homes ne

17th Apr 2024

Dog-friendly camp sites + 7 tips for travelling with your dog

Travelling with your dog has many advtanges including; fun for everyone - whether you're a solo trav


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