Remote Training Collar FAQs

Product Help Centre and Remote Training Collars


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12 Apr 2024

What is a remote trainer used for?

Dog Training Collars allow you to use a remote to activate your dog's electric collar. Remote Training Collars are extremely effective when trying to gain a dogs attention and pull them into line in distracting situations. Remote Trainers are also a great tool to deter the dogs from bad behaviours they may have such as digging where they shouldn't and pulling washing off the line.

Do I need a Pet Dog or Working Dog Remote Trainer?

The main differences between Pet Dog and Working Dog Remote Trainers are the range and durability. Working Dog Remote Training Collars are built for tougher conditions to withstand the knocks that hunting and working dogs will put it through in the field. The working dog trainers also offer lengthier range for long range hunting and mustering. Pet Dog Trainers are targeted more at dog™s that are trained in the yard at home or at the park. The Pet Dog Remote Trainers are generally a bit less durable and offer short range options for behavioural training.

How much range do I need?

Professionals run by a rule of thumb that too much range is always better than not enough. Because Dog Training Collars use a radio signal to communicate between the remote and collar, large obstructions such as sheds, rolling terrain or heavy scrub between the dog and yourself can affect the range you receive. Remote Trainers that run off an FM signal (Dogtra, Big Leash) experience less interference in these situations than AM signal devices (SportDog, PetSafe).

How do I find the right correction level for my dog?

The idea is to find the lowest level of stimulation that gains your dog's attention. Set your dog training collar down to the lowest setting and allow the dog to roam about the yard by himself. Activate the stimulation and watch for a reaction from the dog such as an ear flick or a look that he is alert. If you see this change, you have found the lowest stimulation level for your dog. If not, slowly move up the stimulation a step at a time and give the dog a few corrections on each before moving on. You will find that in different scenarios you will have to use different stimulation levels; higher stimulation in situations where the dog is chasing wildlife and lower levels when simply fixing up small behavioural issues.

How long can my dog wear the dog training collar for?

Dogs can wear the remote training collar for a maximum of 10-12 hours per day. The reason for this limit is to avoid the probes causing irritation to the skin or pressure necrosis sores which can occur with prolonged use. It is recommended that you check your dog's neck each time you fit their collar and give the probes and the dog's neck a good wash weekly.

When is the right time to use a remote trainer?

The right time to start using a remote trainer differs between each individual dog. You must ensure that the dog is mentally developed enough to associate the negative correction with their behaviour. Manufacturers recommend 6 months as the earliest point to start training; some dogs may need a little longer, though for most, 6 months is a great point to begin using a dog training collar.

Can I purchase a remote trainer if I live in New Zealand?

You sure can. If you live in New Zealand, please visit our sister site - All orders placed through K9 Control will be dispatched from our warehouse in Auckland.