Electric - Shock Collars

Electric Collars / Static Collars / Shock Collars 

Static electric dog training devices have become extremely popular in recent years to correct many unwanted dog behaviours including barking, escaping, destructive chewing, digging up the yard and more. Most importantly, responsible manufacturers ensure that static electric training products are not only effective but are a safe option for your pets as well. When discussing electric dog collars or shock collars, they fall into three main categories:

Electric Bark Collars
Electric Dog Fences
Electric Remote Trainers

Controls your dog's barking and/or whining/howling - Delivers a harmless static electric pulse as your dog barks.

Available in sizes to fit tiny to large dogs.

Available in models suitable for multiple dog scenarios.

Prevents your dog from escaping your yard -  Delivers a static electric shock as they approach the boundary wire. 

Contains an unlimited number of pets to the system providing they are wearing a compatible fence collar.

Covers up to 150 acres (some containment fence systems only).

An effective communication tool between you and your dog - Use the remote trainer to deliver a static correction to your dog's collar.

For pet dog owners - Deters your dog from bad behaviours such as chewing objects, pulling on the lead, jumping up on people, pulling washing off the line and more.

For working dog owners - An effective training tool for all working dogs including; Police dogs, tracking dogs, sniffer dogs and more.

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