Drinkwell Pet Drinking Fountains - Fresh, filtered water in a sophisticated design

  • Most animals will instinctually only drink flowing water - the Drinkwell Pet Drinking Fountains create a cascading stream of aerated, filtered water, enticing your dog to drink more.
  • Keeping your dog well hydrated throughout the year doesn't have to be a hassle. To find out more about Drinkwell Fountains, click read more or view our products below.

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Pagoda Fountain

Drinkwell Fountains

Drinkwell Fountains provide your dog with 24/7 access to filtered, running water in a stylish design. The Drinkwell fountain range has a variety of quality fountains to suit your dog and household - the range includes: The Pagoda, Ceramic Avalon, Stainless Steel 360, Platinum, Original and Big Dog Fountain. The entire Drinkwell Fountain range is designed to entice your pet to drink more water*, look great in your home, and be easy to clean. 

The filters used with the systems ensure that any unpleasant tastes or odours lurking in or near the water are eliminated to provide your pet with only the freshest, cleanest running water.

*Most animals have a natural instinct to drink from moving water rather than stagnant water in the fear that it may be contaminated.


Stainless Steel Fountain



Dogs on grass

The Health Facts

A regular daily water intake is absolutely essential for your dog's health and well-being. Unlike humans, a dog's body is made up of 80% water (humans are 50-60% water). To ensure your dog is well hydrated, it is important to understand how much water your dog actually needs. Each day, your pet requires 70mL of water per kilogram of body weight - read the chart below for a guide.

Dog 80% Water


Dog Eating food out of food bowl

Providing your dog with enough water daily has the following benefits:

  1. Preventing the development of diseases including kidney, urinary and respiratory infections/diseases
  2. Improving your pet's immune system - accelerating recovery if they become sick or injured
  3. Filtering unnecessary waste from your dog's body
  4. Regulating a healthy body temperature
  5. Digesting food with ease
Sick dog




Pet's Daily Water Intake Requirements
Pet Size Daily Water Intake* Equivalent to
<5 kg 350 mL Coke Can
5 - 12 kg 750 mL Pump Water Bottle
12 - 25 kg 1.5 Litres Large Mount Franklin bottle
25 - 40 kg 2.5 Litres Large Milk Bottle
40+ 3+ Litres Large Milk Bottle + 


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