A Remote Training Collar for a 12 month old Kelpie

Customer FAQ's and Dog Training Collars


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04 Dec 2024

Q.  Hi, I am looking for a remote collar for a 12 month kelpie.  It is to use for behavioural issues like continuous barking when on the back of the ute and snapping the air when cars go past.  She is biting at the other dogs chain in frustration when on the ute.  We have tried several methods to stop her, but she is a typical kelpie and gets way too excited to calm down to even make her see what she is doing wrong.  We need the collar to be waterproof as she swims in the dam daily.  Although we would not leave the collar on all the time.  She weighs 23 kgs.


A.  Here are some links to training collars that would work for you.  As you said in our phone call that you may need to use it from inside the house to outside (through walls), I would recommend going with Dogtra collars as they operate on an FM signal that will penetrate through barriers like walls better.


Dogtra iQ Plus Remote Training Collar


Dogtra 200C Remote Training Collar


Hope that helps! Please call if you have any questions - 1300 668 931.