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11 Apr 2024

General FAQs

Do Electric Dog Fences Really Work?

Electric dog fences are an extremely effective way to prevent your dog from escaping when you choose a quality system based on your dogs to breed, physical characteristics, age and motivation to escape. Your property size, existing fences and how the dog is escaping will also help determine the right electric dog fence.

How Does an Electric Dog Fence work?

An electric dog fencing system works by running a wire around your property that is connected to a transmitter.  Your dog wears a fence collar that picks up a radio signal from this wire and warns the dog away from the correction zone you have set up.  If your dog continues into the correction zone they will begin to receive static pulses from the containment collar until they leave the area.  For a full rundown on how an electric dog fence works, view this article - How Containment Systems or Electric Dog Fences Actually Work.

What is the Best Electric Dog Fence?

The best electric dog fence is different for every dog owner. Determining the right system is based on many individual characteristics about your dog and the property you are trying to keep your dog in.

How Much do Electric Dog Fences Cost?

The cost of an electric dog fence system will vary dependent on the quality of the system. Larger properties will require extra wire and extra collars will be needed if you have more than one dog to prevent from escaping, increasing cost.

What is the Right Dog Containment Fence for My Dog?

Selecting the correct dog containment system for your dog will depend on the following:

* Your dog's breed
* Age
* Size
* Temperament
Your current fencingThis is to ensure you will have a dog fence that can handle the size and layout of the property and an appropriately sized collar with enough reach in stimulation to contain each of your dogs.  For a closer look into the dog containment systems available, please view this guide - Making sure you Choose the Right Electric Dog Fence.

How much wire can I run around my property?

We have fencing systems that can cover up to 400 acres with additional wire.

Can a Dog Run Through an Invisible Fence?

A dog can run through an invisible fence when a poor quality system or the wrong system is purchased. A dog running through an electric dog fence system almost never happens when the right system is selected and the prescribed training is completed.

How can I Keep My Dog in the Yard Without a Fence?

An invisible fence or electric dog fence system is the ideal way to secure a dog in your yard when you do not have physical fences. These systems are much cheaper and much quicker to install than traditional fencing.

At What Age Can a Dog Use an Invisible Fence?

An invisible dog fence system is suitable for any dog over four months of age. Lower correction levels and completing extra training sessions may be part of conditioning a young dog to a dog fence system.

Can I Purchase a Dog Fence if I live in New Zealand?

You sure can. If you live in New Zealand, please visit our sister site All orders placed through K9 Control will be dispatched from our warehouse in Auckland.

Installation FAQs

Does an Electric Dog Fence Have to Make a Complete Loop?

The wire in an electric dog fence must complete a loop by returning to the transmitter. This enables the radio signal to be carried by the wire and confirm a wire break if the signal does not complete the loop by getting back to the transmitter.

Do I Have to Bury the Electric Dog Fence Wire?

No, you don't. As with all dog containment fence systems or electronic dog fencing, you can either bury your wire around the containment area, lay it above the ground (avoid mowing over it!) or attach it to your existing fences. If you have colourbond fences on your property, please contact us prior to ordering your electric dog fencing system to discuss what fencing options are right for you. If you would like some assistance with finalising your layout area, view this installation guide - Popular Dog Containment System Layouts.

How Do You Bury an Invisible Fence Wire?

When burying the wire for an invisible dog fence system, you need to only make a slice in the ground with a shovel and push the wire into it. Simply push the ground back together or fill it with topsoil.

How Deep Should Invisible Fence be Buried?

When burying the wire for an invisible fence system you need to only go an inch or so below the grass root system. The idea is to get the wire out of the way the depth it is buried is not the critical factor.

Training FAQs

Do I Have to Train My Dog to Use an Electronic Dog Fence?

Yes. Training your dog to understand the electric dog fencing is one of the most important parts of the initial setup.  It's important for the dog to understand how they must react when their dog fence collar gives them a warning beep or correction.  Completing the training will ensure that your dog is safely contained and understands where its new boundaries are.  To learn more on the importance of dog containment fence training please view this article - Why do I Need to Train My Dog to Use an Electric Dog Fence?

How do I Train My Dog to Understand Electric Dog Fencing?

All electronic dog fencing kits will come with a comprehensive setup and training manual for you to work with and most dog containment systems will even include a training DVD to help you.  If you would like to view our simple version of dog fence training, please view this article - Dog Fences...A Simple Training Guide.

Can My Dog Wear the Electronic Dog Fence Collar All the Time?

Your dog can comfortably wear the dog fencing collar for a maximum of 10-12 hours a day. Prolonged use can cause skin irritation and in some cases pressure necrosis. With training, most dogs will avoid the dog containment fence even when they don't have the collar on.  If you have a particularly persistent dog that needs to wear the collar for longer periods, you can also consider the use of a 24-hour contact pad that allows longer, constant use - Surface Conductor Grid -24Hour Contact Pad.