Drinkwell® Designed by Vets to Suit Pets and Their Natural Instincts

  • The more water your pet drinks, the better their health. Your pet will be more inclined to drink clear, fresh water, and the Drinkwell Pet Fountain provides that by using moving water.
  • As the water fountain directs a continuous stream of water, it is constantly aerating and circulating the water, which in turn hinders bacteria growth. There is also a filter built into the Drinkwell Pet Water Fountains to help remove nasty ordours, tastes and impurities.

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Drinkwell Water Fountains for Pet Health

For your pet's health, we recommend the Drinkwell range of water fountains. Well made, modern and stylish water fountains that look good in your home and your dog will enjoy drinking from. Keep your dog healthy and hydrated with moving, fresh, filtered water.

Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain

Moving Fresh Water Fountains

Pets are attracted to the sight of moving water, the light sound of the water spilling into the bowl and the fresh smelling water. As well as attract your pet to their water fountain, the moving water is aerated, a process which helps to release sulphur compounds from water which cause odours and the unpleasant tastes found in water that has been still for some time. Replace your pet's inside water bowl with the flowing stream of fresh water from a Drinkwell Water Fountain, for optimal pet hydration.  


Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Top of The Range
Drinkwell ceramic water fountain

Filtered Water for Pet Health

Together with the aeration process in the Drinkwell water fountains, the filtration system helps to further improve the taste and smell of your pet's water. Having a water fountain with a filtration system removes chemicals such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds also known as (VOCs) which give water an unpleasant smell and disagreeable taste. Whether you choose a filtered water fountain because of what it removes from the water, or because your pet will like the taste and in turn drink water to meet their daily needs, the Drinkwell Water Fountains will deliver filtered water to help you care for your pet's health.

Drinkwell rleplacement charcoal filters pet water fountain
Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda Fountain

Hot Weather Water Availability for Pets

Providing your dog with clean water, the Drinkwell Fountains range in size to ensure the best solution for your dog's size, or number of dogs. From the stylish and modern Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda Fountain that circulates 2 litres of fresh water, up to the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain which contains more than 7 litres of water, the Drinkwell Fountain range will ensure your pet has clean, fresh, flowing water every day, with more than enough water available for hot Australian summers. See the Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain range.


Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain

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