What is it?

Busy Buddy Squeak'n Treat Troog Dog Toy

The Troog has three chambers, two for dispensing treats and one with the durable near impossible to destroy - squeaker. Inside the treat dispensing chambers is the Busy Buddy patented Treat Meter, which holds the treats inside the chamber to randomly dispense treats when chewed. The squeaking sound dogs love, keeps your dog's interest. Having two chambers of treats will keep your dog amused for longer.

Made of a durable rubber that bounces, the Troog Dog Toy is also a great fetch toy for random bouncing action.

Select the Troog Dog Toy based on the weight of your dog. There are three sizes available:

  • Small: 3-9kg (best for small dog breeds such as the Yorkie, Jack Russell, Pug)
  • Medium: 9-23kg (best for medium size dog breeds such as the Beagle, Spaniel, Border Collie)
  • Large: 23kg and over (best for large dog breeds, such as the Retriever, Shepherd and Boxer)


What we like

  • One tough squeaker designed to last unforgiving chew sessions
  • Two Chambers with the Treat Meter for random dispensing of dog treats
  • Durable rubber will bounce
  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf)


1 x Busy Buddy Squeak'n Treat Troog Dog Toy (select size from choice above)