Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filter - 3 Pack - PAC19-14356

The Drinkwell 360 Replacement filters keep your pet's water clean & fresh. The filter contains granulated carbon for extended filtration and duo density polyester pads capture debris. The 360 replacement filters are designed to fit all Drinkwell 360 fountains and we recommend replacing the filters every 2 weeks to extend the life your pet's water fountain. The cylindrical filter features a pull-tab for easy installation and removal.

How often do I need to replace the filters?

We recommend replacing the filter every 2-4 weeks.

  • Compatible with all Drinkwell 360 fountains
  • Purifies your pet's water
  • Removes bad tasted & odours
  • Extends the life of your pet's fountain
  • Inhibits bacteria growth
  • Pull-tab for easy installation and removal
  • 3-Pack

  • 3 x Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters