What is it?

Heavy Duty Ute Lead

The Heavy Duty Ute Lead is a high quality steel chain that keeps your dog secure during transit in the back of a Ute.

The Ute Lead is a steel chain covered by nylon fabric and has swivels clips at both ends to prevent entanglement. The Ute Lead features a heavy duty, quick release clip for convenience and the safety of your dog. When the lead is attached to your dog's collar or harness, ensure that they can not reach the the sides of the ute.

As per legal requirements to keep your dog secure, safe and comfortable when in transit, always ensure the Ute Lead:

  • is attached to a secure neck collar or properly fitted dog harness
  • is secured to a point in the middle of the Ute tray


What we like

  • Designed to prevent entanglement
  • Manufactured with high quality steel and nylon fabric
  • Features a heavy duty, quick release clip
  • Keeps your dog safe and comfortable whilst in transit, whilst also meeting legal transport responsibilities

1 x Heavy Duty Ute Lead