Julius K9 IDC Stealth Harness

The Julius K9 IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) Stealth Harness is a reliable and tactical dog harness trusted by professional dog handlers around the world. Similar to the regular IDC Powerharness, the Stealth harness maintains its sleek & ergonomically perfect design, however, additional features and tougher materials provide your dog with the ultimate comfort and durability designed for intense scenarios. The harness is designed and manufactured in Europe with industry standard materials and thoroughly tested by machines and professionals to ensure you receive a high-quality product for professional use.

The harness features adjustable and reflective webbing straps and heavy duty, noiseless buckles to ensure a secure and comfortable fitting harness for your dog. A thin cotton lining underneath the harness allows air to flow through preventing heat from building up between your dog's back and the harness. The Stealth Harness handle is made of natural rubber, a non-slip coating and corrugated pattern for a solid grip even in wet conditions. Additionally, a hook and loop attachment can secure the handle down, preventing it from getting caught on any hazardous objects.

An elastic strap is featured in the middle of the harness for a GoPro attachment or a safety light.

The Stealth Harness is ideal for:

  • Police dogs
  • Security dogs
  • Sniffer dogs
  • Working/farming dogs
  • Large pet dogs

Julius K9 Labels:

You will receive a free pair of glow in the dark JULIUS K9 labels. Working dog labels including THERAPY DOG, ASSISTANCE DOG, AUTISM DOG and BODYGUARD are available for purchase - click here for more!

The Julius K9 IDC Stealth Dog Harness is suitable for medium to large and extra large dogs. Available in 3 sizes. Please ensure to measure your dog correctly to ensure your dog receives the correct fitting harness. An improper fitting harness may result in discomfort, injury or allowing your dog to slip out of the harness.

Only available in black.



The Julius K9 IDC Stealth Harness is available in 3 sizes. Please ensure to measure your dog correctly before purchasing.


Dog harness size Chest circumference Weight of the dog
Size 1 63cm - 85cm 23kg - 30kg
Size 2 71cm - 96cm 28kg - 40kg
Size 3 82cm - 115cm 40kg - 70kg



Taking your Dog's Measurements Correctly

It is essential to measure your dog correctly before purchasing the Julius K9 Stealth Harness. The harness size your dog needs is determined by the measurement around your dog's body (as seen in the diagram below). Place 4 fingers behind your dog's front legs and measure the girth circumference from that point. Once you've measured your dog, refer to the size chart above to select the correct harness for your dog. 





  • Designed for comfort and durability 
  • Manufactured in Europe with industry standard materials
  • Non-slip handle made from natural rubber
  • Adjustable and reflective webbing straps for a secure fit and visibility
  • Glow in the dark labels
  • Heavy-duty, noiseless buckles
  • Breathable cotton lining
  • Option of handle fastener
  • GoPro or light attachment available

  • 1 x Julius K9 IDC Stealth Harness
  • 1 x Pair of Julius K9 labels

Click the image below to view the correct Julius K9 Harness measuring and fitting guide