Julius K9 Seatbelt Adaptor

Securing your dog during travel prevents driver distraction and helps control your dog from moving around the vehicle during sudden stops and turns. Clip the carabiner to your dog's collar or harness and buckle the seatbelt adaptor into your vehicle's seatbelt latch. The seatbelt adaptor is adjustable in length and is made from durable nylon webbing. Available in 2 sizes. To determine which size is best for your pet, please refer to our sizing guide below.

The seatbelt adaptor is compatible with a variety of car models but is NOT compatible with the following: Volvo, Saab and Chevrolet.


Julius K9 Seatbelt Adaptor Size Dog Size
Size 1 For dogs under 25kg
Size 2 For dogs over 25kg


  • Secures your pet during travel
  • Prevents driver distraction
  • Compatible with most car models
  • Adjustable length
  • 4 Colours available

  • Not compatible with the following car models: Volvo, Saab and Chevrolet.
  • Before use, please check the seatbelt adaptor compatibility with your car
  • Please note: The seatbelt adaptor is designed to keep your pet secure during travel. It may not prevent injury in the event of an accident

  • 1 x Julius K9 Seatbelt Adaptor
    • Adjustment Length - 43cm - 63cm | Width - 19mm