KONG Classic

It's not just a toy...IT'S A KONG

KONG toys are the best selling pet toys recommended by Veterinarians, dog trainers, breeders and loving dog owners all over the world! For a dog toy and treat dispenser that lasts, you simply can't look past the KONG range! 

The KONG Classic is perfect for adult dogs that absolutely love to play and always need something to do! Its unpredictable bounce will keep your dog on their toes during a game of fetch in your backyard, and while you're away, stuff the KONG with treats or wet food to keep your dog busy! The KONG provides a fantastic challenge for your dog, helping ease stress in dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. 

The food you place in the KONG is not limited to one particular thing. You can smear vegemite, peanut butter, wet food, dog treats and more into the KONG. For a further challenge, stuff it with wet food/paste and put it in the freezer! Want to keep your dog occupied for hours? Place multiple stuffed KONGs around the house or yard and keep your dog sniffing, searching and licking!


The KONG brand is recognised for their outstanding rubber formulas specifically designed for all ages and breeds of dogs:

For adults dogs who are average chewers, the KONG Classic is the one you need!

For puppies, take a look at the Puppy KONG!

For bigger, stronger dogs, we recommend the KONG Extreme Black for tough jaws!


The KONG Classic is available in 2 sizes - Medium and large

Medium 8.5cm - Suitable for small to medium dogs (7-16kg)

Large 10.5cm - Suitable for medium to large dogs (13-30kg)

Please select the correct size for your dog in the options above


  • Unpredictable bounce during play!
  • Stuff it with dog treats or wet food!
  • Great for most adult dogs!
  • Easy to clean!
  • Dishwasher safe!

  • The KONG Classic is suitable for most adult dogs, if you have a very large or tough dog, or puppy, you may want to consider other products in the KONG range.