What is it?

Kong - Puppy Teething Stick

The Kong Puppy Teething Stick is a chew toy that helps puppy's gums, teeth and jaws. Manufactured with soft rubber, the teething stick soothes gums, whilst the raised ridges clean your puppy's teeth. Stuffing a treat inside the Kong Puppy Teething Stick encourages and rewards chewing their Kong instead of your shoes, furniture and other items that that may be chewable around them.

When introducing the Puppy Teething Stick to your dog, put dry kibble inside at first, progressing to sticky mix (mix dry food with water or peanut butter) and finally, a dry dog biscuit for an added challenge.


Select the size based on your dog's weight. If your dog is a small breed, select the small. For large to medium breed dogs, select the large. Being a chew toy, it is safer to select the large size should your puppy be between small or large. If you are not sure, or need assistance, please contact us either by webchat, email or phone. We are happy to help. 

Small: Up to 9kg
Large: 15-30kg

What we like

  • Teaches good chewing habits
  • Soft rubber soothes teething gums
  • Raised ridges clean teeth
  • Choice of sizes
  • Kong durability

  • 1 x Kong Teething Stick (select size above)