MidWest LifeStages Dog Crate Cover - Black

MidWest Crate Covers fit over your dog's LifeStages crate and transforms their area into a comfortable place to sleep and rest. Environments such as busy households, long distance travelling and competition holding areas may cause your dog to feel stressed. The crate covers provide your dog with the comfort and security they desire, helping reduce anxious behaviour such as scratching, chewing and barking. 

The cover fits around the entire crate and is made from light yet strong polyester that keeps your dog feeling cosy without overheating. The cover has 4 flaps that can all be lifted up allowing you to access your dog.

On the edges, there are small Velcro attachments that secure the cover around the crate.

For easy cleaning, simply toss it in the washing machine!

Only available in black. Available in 5 sizes. Please view the sizing guide below.


The MidWest Crate Covers are available in 5 sizes to fit all 5 crate sizes. See the chart below to find which crate size is suitable for your dog's crate.

Crate Cover Size Fits Crate Size
24" / 60cm 24" / 60cm
30" / 75cm 30" / 75cm
36" / 90cm 36" / 90cm
42" / 105cm 42" / 105cm
48" / 120cm 48" / 120cm


  • Transforms your dog's crate into a cosy dog den
  • Provides your dog with the comfort and security they desire
  • Helps reduce anxious behaviour such as chewing, scratching and barking
  • Suitable for indoor use, outdoor use, events and travelling
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Made of light polyester

  • 1 x MidWest LifeStages Dog Crate Cover - Select size from above