OH Bowl - Oral Health Bowl

The OH Bowl is an innovative feeding bowl designed to slow down your pet's eating and promote healthy oral care. The OH Bowl is made of a tough plastic and features rubber ridges and plastic ridges across the base of the bowl that clean your dog's tongue with every lick! Unlike regular dog bowls with a smooth bowl design, the OH Bowl has two bumps that help trap food at the bottom of the bowl, onto the rubber strip encouraging your pet to lick further, cleaning their tongue for longer!  Feel free to use wet or dry food in the OH Bowl. 

The base of the OH Bowl is made with non-slip rubber to prevent sliding. Available in various colours and sizes.


  • Cleans your dog's tongue with every lick of the bowl
  • Promotes healthy oral care
  • Slows down your pet's eating
  • Available in two sizes
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Made with a non-slip base