Neil's Review

Both this PetSafe Trainer and the Stubborn version are quite basic collars.  They have a limited range of 100m in a straight line of sight.  Designed for close range pet dog training, not suitable for working breeds. If within your budget, consider the Dogtra iQ Trainer as a better option for not a whole lot more!

PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer

The new and improved PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer has retained its original compact, waterproof collar receiver and is suitable for small dogs from 3.5kgs upwards. Sharpen responses to training commands, correcting unwanted behaviours and teaching reliable recall from up to 100m. A versatile, value for money, training tool suited to work in yards, parks and whenever long range is not needed.  This collar is suited to pet use only and not recommended for working dogs.

To save money and buy a better quality collar please consider the Dogtra iQ Trainer which has recently been upgraded and offers far better value for money.

  • 1 x PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer