Car Safety Seat Belt Adaptor for Dogs

The Car Safety Adaptor is a Seat Belt for Dogs.  This easy to use device keeps your dog restrained during car trips.  It stops your dog from moving around and also protects them from sudden stops or changes in direction.  One end secures into the seat belt buckle of your car.  The other end is a clip that connects straight to the D Ring on your dogs collar, or preferably to their harness.  A harness is a safer option as it spreads the any stop or direction change across your dog's chest, rather than his neck. 


IMPORTANT:  This device will keep your dog well restrained, but it may not prevent injury to your dog, particularly in the case of an accident.  However, your dog will be restained in their sear, keep you and them safe.  It will stop you, as the driver from being distracted.