Dog Car Safety Seat Belt Adapter

Keep your dog safely in his seat when traveling by car.  He won't be able to roam about or try and get into the front of the car.  This allows you to concentrate on the road, and not be worried about what your dog is up to. 

On end of the Dog Car Safety Seat Belt Adapter is the part that locks into a normal car seat belt buckle.  The other end of the seat belt adapter is a lead connector to fasten to the dog's collar or harness.  Please Note: we highly advise that your dog wear a harness when using this product.  Then there is any exertion on the seat belt adapter and it is connected to your dog's harness, the load is spread across your dogs chest.  However, if it is connected to a normal collar strap, that exertion is applied to the neck.


IMPORTANT: This device is designed to make travel with your dog easier and safer.  However, it may not prevent injury to your dog during emergency braking, swerving or accidents.