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"Top quality Dog Containment Fence the Sportdog SDF-100 is suited to larger working breeds due to larger collar and four correction levels.   Comes with 300m of wire compared to all others that only offer 150m, making it a great choice for properties 1/2 acre and above.  Built in lightning surge protection is another bonus! 

The reliable SportDOG SDF-100A has been superseded by the NEW SportDOG Rechargeable Dog Fence SDF-100C-22.  Please note, SportDOG SDF-R Receiver Collars are not compatible with the new SportDOG Rechargeable Dog Fence.

Looking for a replacement SDF-R Collar for your SportDOG Fence?  The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar uses the exact same receiver module and is compatible with your SportDOG Fence. Optional Heavy Duty Straps and 9V batteries are also available to add to your collar purchase.

SportDOG Stubborn Dog Fence SDF-100A

The SportDOG Stubborn Dog Fence SDF-100A is best suited to larger stubborn breeds on properties from an Acre to 100 Acres. The system represents great value as it comes with 300m of wire, unlike all other systems that come with 150m as standard. The waterproof SDF-R Collar Receiver is made tough, with a buckle up vinyl strap and uses a replaceable 9v battery that will last for 3-6 months with average use. Additional 150m boundary kits can be added to the system to cover up to 100 Acres.

The SportDOG receiver collar has four high-level adjustable correction settings. This may not be suitable for particularly timid/mild temperament dogs. This system is best suited for Acreages and larger properties with no colorbond fencing. Please feel free to call if you are unsure of which fence is best suited to your dog and your existing circumstances.


Suitable for all stubborn dogs over 15 kgs including, but not limited to, the following breeds (adult dog):

  • Bull Arab
  • Bull Terrier
  • Cattle Dog
  • Dobermann
  • German Shepherd
  • GSP
  • Husky/Malamute
  • Kelpie
  • Maremma
  • Mastiffs
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback
  • Rottweiler
  • Staffordshire Terrier
  • Weimaraner 
  • Wolfhound


The SportDOG Stubborn Dog Fence is a better value option if considering the PetSafe Stubborn System and adding extra boundary wire, due to the 300m of wire that comes standard with the SportDOG system, as well as the more powerful transmitter and better quality collar.  Regardless of breed, if you have Colorbond or sheet metal fencing the wire needs to be buried at least 1.5m off the fence due to interference with the radio signal.


The SportDOG SDF-100A In-Ground Fence System has been proven safe and effective for stubborn dogs over 15kg. The containment fence system works with 3 main components; The transmitter, boundary wire, and receiver collar. The transmitter sends an AM radio signal through the wire that you have set up around your property. Your dog's receiver collar communicates with the radio signal emitted from the wire. When your dog approaches the warning zone, the collar delivers an audible warning tone. If your dog ignores the warning tone and continues towards the wire into the stimulation zone, the collar will deliver a static stimulation that reminds your dog to retreat into the 'safe zone'. With proper training, your dog will learn the boundaries and confidently roam around your yard freely without testing the boundary.

Full SportDOG SDF-100A Operating & Training Guide

If you have multiple dogs on your property, you can also add them to the fence system with additional receiver collars.

Compatible collars include:

  • SportDOG Stubborn Dog Extra Fence Collar - SDF-R
  • PetSafe Stubborn Dog Extra Receiver Collar - PIG19-10763
  • PetSafe Rechargeable Receiver Collar - PIG19-16414
  • PetSafe Deluxe Ultralight Extra Receiver Collar - PIG19-10764
  • PetSafe Little Dog Deluxe Additional Fence Collar - PIG19-11042

IMPORTANT: Training is the most important part of setting up an electric dog fence. Proper training ensures that your dog understands the boundary and knows how to react to the warning tone. Learn more about training your dog here.

Learn more about:

How electric dog fences work

How much wire you will need to cover your boundary

Common boundary wiring layouts

How to run the wire around your property


4 Levels of Static Stimulation + Tone/Vibration only Option

The collar features 4 adjustable levels of static stimulation and the option of tone/vibration only. If the collar is set to one of the static stimulation levels, the unit will automatically deliver an audible tone when your dog approaches the warning zone. Due to the strength of the static stimulations and the size of the collar module, we only recommend this system for stubborn/headstrong dogs over 15kg.

Stimulation Level Collar Receiver Function
1 Vibration/tone option (No Stimulation)
2 Medium Static Stimulation
3 Medium-High Static Stimulation
4 High Static Stimulation
5 Very High Static Stimulation

Expandable up to 100 Acres

Included with the system is 300m of wire which is enough to cover a 1-Acre block. With additional boundary kits (fence wire and flags)the SportDOG Stubborn Dog Fence System SDF-100A can be expanded to cover up to 100 Acres.


Add an Unlimited Number of Pets to the System

An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system providing they are wearing compatible fence collars. Compatible collars are listed above in the 'How does it work' section.


Anti-Linger Feature

If your dog enters the stimulation zone and lingers there, the collar will automatically increase through the levels of static correction to remind your dog to retreat into the 'safe zone'.

Note: The anti-linger feature is only on the static stimulation levels (level 2, 3, 4 and 5). If the collar is set to level 1 (vibration/tone only) the collar will not automatically increase through the levels.


Wire-Break Transmitter

If there is a break in the wire, the fence transmitter will alert you with a series of beeps. 


Built-in Optional Lightning Surge Protection

The SportDOG SDF-100A transmitter features a Ground wire terminal that gives you the option to set up lightning surge protection. Although not necessary for the fence system to work, setting up the Ground wire to the transmitter will help protect the unit from any damage that may occur from any electrical surges caused by lightning strikes.

Note: Ground wire not included with purchase


Waterproof Collar Receiver

The SportDOG SDF-R receiver collar is completely waterproof and submersible.


Low Battery Indicator

The low battery indicator will flash every 4-5 seconds when your dog's receiver collar needs a new battery.


3-Year Warranty & 30-Day Performance Guarantee

Purchase with confidence! The SportDOG SDF-100A is covered by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30-Day Performance Guarantee! If you have any questions before or after purchase, feel free to contact us on 1300 668 931.


  • Overall Containment Fence System
    • Includes 300m of wire - enough to cover 1-Acre
    • Expandable up to 100 Acres with additional boundary wire
    • Add an unlimited number of dogs to the system
    • Anti-linger feature
    • Easy DIY installation (instructions included)
  • Receiver Collar
    • Fits dogs above 15kg
    • Designed for stubborn/headstrong dogs
    • 4 Levels of static stimulation
    • Tone/vibration only option
    • Heavy-duty vinyl strap
    • Waterproof
    • Low battery indicator
  • Fence Transmitter
    • Optional lightning surge protection
    • Wire-break indicator
  • Boundary Wire
    • PVC coated copper wire
    • Can be buried in the ground or attached to any existing fencing
  • Warranty/Guarantee
    • 30-Day Performance Guarantee
    • 3-Year warranty

  • The SportDOG Stubborn Dog Receiver Collar only delivers high static correction levels suitable for large headstrong dogs. If your dog is large but has a timid temperament, we recommend considering one of our other containment fences recommended for dogs with a mild or medium temperament.
  • The SportDOG transmitter emits an AM signal around the wire. Colorbond/sheet metal and traditional electric fences will affect the AM radio signal of the PetSafe and SportDOG containment fences. Keep the fencing wire 1.5m away from any sheet metal or electrified tapes/wires when setting up the boundary. Alternatively, consider installing the DogWatch Hidden Fence. The DogWatch Hidden Fence is the only fence that emits an FM signal that is not affected by Colorbond or electrified wire.

  • Receiver Dimensions - 55mm x 30mm x 33mm - 185 grams
  • Transmitter Dimensions - 220mm x 180mm x 60mm
  • Probe Length
    • Short 12mm
    • Long 19mm
  • Strap Length - 60cm
  • Receiver collars require a 9V battery (6-12 month battery life) 

  • 1 x SportDOG fence transmitter - RF-104A
  • 1 x SDF-R collar receiver
  • 1 x Vinyl collar strap
  • 1 x SportDOG fence power adaptor
  • 1 x 9V battery for receiver collar 
  • 2 x 150m spools of boundary wire
  • 100 x Training flags
  • 2 x Wire splice joiners
  • 1 x Additional set of long probes
  • 1 x Test light tool 
  • 1 x Instruction manual


3 Year Warranty

This product comes with a 3 Year Australian Warranty

30 Day performance Guarantee

Shop with confidence!  If it does not stop your dogs escaping, send it back.
We want to work with you to stop your dogs escaping.  That's why we offer a 30 day performance guarantee with this product.

What does this mean?

  • If it does not fix your problem during the 30 day performance guarantee period, you can return the product for a refund.
  • If you then allow us to help you find a more suitable replacement product we will provide a refund on the original product..and pay the shipping cost for you to send the original product back to us! 

*Please click here for full guarantee terms and conditions