STARMARK - Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball

The Starmark Puzzle ball is designed to keep your dog occupied for hours while they roll, nudge and push the ball around in an attempt to retrieve treats or kibble from the internal chambers. Unlike similar rolling toys that may be distracting and unnecessarily loud, the Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball is made with a rubber coating to minimise noise and sliding throughout play.

The Puzzle Ball provides great mental stimulation to keep dogs that suffer from boredom or separation anxiety occupied while you're busy at work or around the house.

The inner chambers of the Puzzle Ball are marked with dots. One dot is the easiest chamber for treats to release from. Treats placed in chambers, two three and four must work their way forward to chamber one before dispensing.

To get your dog used to their new toy, place treats/kibble in the first chamber and teach them to roll the ball to find the treats. once they're more comfortable with the toy, proceed to place treats the in chambers two, three and four for a further challenge.

To open the toy:

  1. Hold ball with openings at side and arrows up
  2. Press down lever with thumb
  3. Pull ball apart at center seam

To close the toy:

  1. Use the guides to align the top and bottom pieces
  2. Align arrows so they point toward one another
  3. Push top and bottom pieces together and snap closed


  • Perfect for pups to the pros - adjustable difficulty 
  • Rubber outer coating reduces sliding and distracting noise during challenging play
  • Easy to clean kibble chambers for convenience
  • Perfect for various kibble and treats
  • Encourages your dog to find the treats by rolling, nudging and pushing the puzzle ball

  • Not intended as a chew toy

  • 1 x Starmark Treat Dispensing Puzzle Ball (11.5cm x 11.5cm x 11.5cm)