How to Stop a Howling or Whining Dog

Some things you need to know before choosing a traditional bark control product... Not all barking collars or anti bark deterrents work as well for that howling or whining dog. Find out why...

Is Your Barking Dog Also Howling and Whining?

At Bark Control Australia we often get calls from customers with dogs that howl or cry or whine.  The obvious response is to simply buy a bark collar and fix the problem.  However it is not usually that simple.  How a bark collar actually works will often have a big bearing on the overall success, when it comes to treating these specific problems.

But Why??  Surely an anti-bark collar will work the same for the howling or whining dog?  Not necessarily, and here's why...

Electric Bark Collars
Nearly all electronic barking collars are activated by a vibration sensor that picks up the robust movement of your dogs voice box when he or she barks.  Unfortunately whining, howling, growling etc often do not produce a strong enough movement of the voice box to actually activate the collar.  This is understandable as we would risk the possibility of collars activating inappropriately if the sensitivity levels on these collars were lowered.  We certainly would not want to risk activations from swallowing etc. just to enable them to pick up these other unwanted sound related behaviours.

Citronella Spray Collars
With citronella collars there are a number that are sound activated.  Generally speaking I am not a big fan of sound activated collars as they are more prone to accidental activations than vibration activated or ones that have both.  However they can often be an answer for howling dogs or whining dogs.  Providing the volume of the whining and howling is at a level to activate the sensitivity of the microphone setting.  One may argue that if the volume is not loud enough to activate the collar then perhaps you do not really have a problem.  I would say tell that to someone with a dog whining softly outside your bedroom window at three in the morning!

Stationary Bark Deterrents
These deterrents are also sound activated.  Unfortunately in the case of these deterrents they often require the dog to be very close to the unit to pick up the howling or whining.  Generally they are not recommended for curbing this type of behaviour.

So what's the solution??
In most circumstances we would recommend going with a basic citronella bark collar like the PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar.  This collar is sound activated and inexpensive and a great starting point to try and stop this annoying behaviour.  Unfortunately, as with a traditional barking dog, a spray deterrent may not be strong enough.  In these cases we recommend the only reputable sound activated electric collar, the Dogtra YS-300.   Due to it's unique advanced sound processor it is the only sound activated  electronic collar we recommend.

So remember if your howling or whining is very loud then you will probably have success with treating the problem as you would a traditional barking dog.  However this is not always the case and depends on the vibration caused by the howling for traditional electric collars or the volume of the whining for sound activated collars.  Unfortunately it can be a bit of trial and error to find the right answer for you.  Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your howling dog with one of our experts.