D.T. Systems

DT Systems Manufacture High Quality Remote Training Collars with the Hunter and Musterer in Mind

  • The patented Maxx-Range™ Internal Antenna System provides clean communication between the remote and collars, minimising signal interference from heavy scrub or rolling terrain.
  • DT offer a mid-range Micro iDT System which is perfect for small to large breeds over a range of 800m with a waterproof collar and weather resistant hand piece.
  • When it comes to something a bit more tough with a larger range, the rechargeable DT H2O Remote Trainer will have you covered, offering a 1600m range and fully waterproof collar and remote. The floating transmitter also makes the H2O ideal for wetland hunters.

Need some assistance with the DT Systems Remote Training Collars? Please call us on 1300 668 931.

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