Julius K9 Quick Release Clip

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The Julius K9 Quick Release Clip is a great attachment to your Jogging Leash and Belt combo. The quick-release clip allows you to set your dog free with the simple push of a lever.
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Julius K9 Quick Release Clip

The Julius K9 Quick Release Clip allows you to release your dog without hassle. The Quick Release Clip is designed for use with the Julius K9 Jogging Leash (and belt) and is easy to use. The clip lever is made of heavy-duty steel and the base is made of solid, flexible leather and a durable nylon weave. 

The clip simply attaches to the O-ring found on your Jogging Leash.

The Quick Release Clip is a fantastic safety measure for you when you're jogging with your dog and you're finding it difficult to keep up or you feel like you're going to trip. The quick release action helps detach you from your dog to help prevent serious injury.


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  • Easy to use
  • Hassle free clip to release your dog
  • Designed for use with your Jogging Leash
  • Excellent safety tool
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Things to Consider

Although the Quick Release Clip acts a safety measure, we do not guarantee that it will prevent injuries in the event of an accident

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What's in the Box

  • 1 x Julius K9 Quick Release Clip
    • Length - 21cm
    • Width - 5.4cm
    • Height - 1cm