Quality Dog Muzzles

  • Muzzles for small to large dogs
  • Durable, high-quality leather and metal muzzles
  • Great for multiple purposes - suitable for working dogs and pet dogs
  • Make sure you measure your dog using our sizing guide before ordering!

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Measuring your dog for a muzzle



Purposes of a Dog Muzzle

  • Prevents the risk of your dog harming other pets or people in unfamiliar situations that may frighten them
  • Essential for working dogs undergoing training
  • Prevents your dog from causing further irritation to their skin caused by licking and biting.


Benefits of Owning a Muzzle

When most people think of a dog muzzle, they think of a vicious, out of control dog, however, using a dog muzzle is ideal for various scenarios.

If you're not sure how your dog will react to new environments and other dogs, it's ideal to keep a muzzle on your dog to eliminate the risk of them harming other dogs, people, and even yourself. 


Health Benefits

Muzzles not only protect surrounding beings in new environments, they are also fantastic for preventing dogs from inuring themselves.

Similar to a cone, a muzzle can provide the same purpose of preventing the development of skin conditions caused by biting and constant licking. (If you suspect something is wrong with your dog, seek professional advice from your local Veterinarian).


How to Fit a Muzzle on Your Dog

Before purchasing a muzzle, you will need to measure your dog in the following areas.

  1. The circumference of your dog's snout while their mouth is open (panting)
  2. Length of your dog's snout
  3. The height of your dog's nose at the tip

If you add 1cm to all of these measurements, you will get the correct muzzle size measurements which be the most comfortable for your dog.




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