Pet Beds & Mats

Pet Beds & Mats

Pet Beds and Mats - Rest easy with the right bedding for your pet

  • Luxury bedding for soft, plush, cosy rest
  • Durable outside bedding by HoundHouse
  • Heating and cooling mats, for all weather comfort

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Heat Mats - how they work


A Comfortable Space of their Own

Pets need lots of daily rest. Adult dogs rest between 12-14 hours, whilst their feline friends, need between 12-16 hours. Give your pet a space to relax that is their own comfortable haven, allowing them to get the rest they need.

Squirt Pet Bed

Soft Cosy Bedding

Squirt Luxury Pet Beds are made with MiroCloud filling, and comes with two fabric covers with pipping along the seams. No zips or lumps - the rather posh Squirt Luxury Pet Bed is available in two sizes, the mini and the midi for medium size dogs and small dogs that like to share.

Squirt Luxury Pet Bed
HoundHouse Canvas Mat

Durable All Weather Mats for Outdoor or Indoor use

Designed for the HoundHouse range of dog kennels, the HoundHouse Mats are a durable mat that fits inside the HoundHouse kennel and dog den. Hose clean and air dry, the HoundHouse mats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

HoundHouse Dog Den Mat
M8 Cooling Mat

How to Keep Your Pet Cool in the Heat of an Australian Summer?

The answer is the My M8 Cool Mats. The mats cooling process starts to work when your pet rests on the mat. Inside the My M8 Cool Mat is a gel that transfers heat through the gel to the outside of the mat. In the absence of heat, you have a cool comfortable mat. Speed up the process by putting the mat in the freezer, but it isn't necessary.

Pet My M8 Cool Mat
HoundHouse Heat Mat

Winter Weather - Heating Mats

Like an electric blanket, but for pets! The HoundHouse heating mats have a heating element in one corner of the mat, so that your pet can adjust where they sleep and regulate their own temperature. A soft mat, with a durable canvas cover, the HoundHouse Heating Mat will help keep your dog warm this winter.

Pet My M8 Cool Mat

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