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1 x PetSafe Stay + Play Stubborn Dog Wireless Containment Fence - PIF19-17106

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PetSafe Stay + Play Stubborn Wireless Fence - PIF19-17106

The new PetSafe Stay + Play system is a great improvement from PetSafe's previous model, the PIF-300 wireless fence. Maintaining the quality features of the PIF-300, PetSafe has also added some great new features including improved lightweight collars, a wider transmitting range and a more consistent signal.

Please note: A wireless fence has a lot more limitations than a wired dog fence. The wireless fence transmits a radio signal that will not transmit through solid metal like Colorbond/tin fencing, roofs or sheds. If you have any of the materials in the area that you wish to contain your dog in, then disregard this product and consider a wired dog fence. If the item is used in conjunction with these structures you will find that the system will not transmit past the metal structure and can even result in an inconsistent or fluctuating boundary.

The Stay + Play transmitter emits a circular boundary signal, you can add extra transmitters to your field to make your maximum range wider and change the shape of your containment area. For a custom-shaped boundary or for a more reliable and consistent boundary signal, Bark Control recommends considering a wired dog containment fence.

How the PetSafe Stay + Play Works

The Stay + Play fence transmitter emits a circular signal which you can adjust from as little as 6.7m up to a 32m radius, to create a larger boundary area you can add extra wireless transmitters and overlap the signals.  As your dog approaches the boundary, the collar will set off a warning beep. You will need to train your dog to react to this warning by moving back into the yard. If the dog continues past this warning and moves outside the radio field, the collar will deliver mild static pulses until he returns inside the field, there is also a safety cut off after 15 seconds of constant correction.

Setting up the unit is a breeze, simply locate the centre of the area you would like to cover and sit the transmitter on a non-metallic stand or table, ensuring the device is approximately 1m from the ground or any large metal objects. Test where your radio signal reaches out to by listening to the warning beep from the collar and using your test light.  Adjust the width down or up to match your yard and allow the dog as much space as possible.

The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence is a great unit to use as a portable fence when travelling with your dog as you can set it up anywhere that you have access to electricity. You simply set up your transmitter and test the boundary exactly as you have done with your home boundary, set some flags out to show the dog where their safe zone is and you are done.  

It is very important to train your dog to understand their new boundary. Proper training ensures that your dog understands the exact boundary limit and that they must retreat from the fence line when they hear the warning tone.

Features of the PetSafe Wireless Containment Fence System - PIF17-13478

-  Completely Wireless Containment
-  Covers up to 3/4 acre
-  Adjustable Signal Radius - From 6.7m up to 32m
-  Overlap Extra Transmitters for Larger Coverage
-  Rapid Charge, Waterproof Receiver Collar
-  Adjustable Correction Levels - 1 Warning Only, 5 Static Correction
-  Smallest Wireless Collar Available - Fits dogs from 5kgs
-  Add Unlimited Dogs with Add-A-Dog Receivers
-  Portable System - Great for Camping and Travel
-  Compact, waterproof & rechargeable collar receiver
-  Easy to use
-  3-year Warranty
-  30-day Performance Guarantee. Buy it... Try it... If it doesn't work, send it back! What do you have to lose?*
-  Great option as a portable fence when travelling with your dog as it can be set up anywhere you have access to electricity.

Suitable Breeds for the PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Containment Fence - PIF17-13478

(based on an adult dog)

The PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence suits small, strong-willed dogs to larger, less driven dogs from 5kg to 30kg. Suitable breeds include but is not limited to the following:

-  Jack Russell Terriers
-  Fox Terriers
-  West Highland Terriers
-  Poodle Cross Breeds
-  Dachshunds
-  Beagles

-  Aussie Shepherds
-  Cocker Spaniels
-  Cavalier King Charles
-  Maltese
-  Shuh-Tzu

-  Lhasa Apso
-  Schnauzers
-  Scottish Terriers
-  Pugs
-  Cairn Terriers


-  Receiver Collar (including strap) - 60mm x 32mm x 31mm - 95g
-  Transmitter Dimensions - 16cmW x 17.5cmD x 16cmH - 845g
-  Probe length - 10mm
-  Nylon Webbing Strap 87cm

Things to Consider

Colorbond/sheet metal, and traditional electric fencing will affect the radio signal of the PetSafe and SportDOG dog fences. Keep the transmitter away from any sheet metal or electrified tapes/wires when using PetSafe or SportDOG fences. Alternatively, consider installing the DogWatch Hidden Fence to avoid any interference.

What's in the Box

-  Stay + Play Wireless Transmitter
-  Rechargeable Receiver Collar
-  50 Boundary Flags
-  Long Probes, Probe Wrench & Test Light
-  Transmitter and Receiver Power Adapters
-  Operating and Training Manual