Should I introduce a Remote Training Collar with a Husky?

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12 Apr 2024

Q.  I am just after some advice on your remote control training collars.  I have a husky and a swiss shepherd and can walk the shepherd off leash but not my husky.  He constantly pushes his boundaries and will take off running if given the chance as is pretty typical of his breed.  If I go after him it becomes a game which he loves so I have to casually walk in the direction he is going and intercept him to catch him or get him to chase me.  I was wondering if the vibration and noise levels settings are any good for correcting this sort of issue?  I am not that keen on the idea of a shock collar though I wouldn't rule it out completely.  I was also wondering how effective the noise level settings are if two dogs are staring each other down would it distract them and prevent a fight or encourage one?  Neither of my dogs are particularly aggressive and are likely to submit in this sort of situation however if the other dog hurt either of my dogs I know that they will protect themselves.  Would this be useful in a dog park?


A.  Thanks for your enquiry.  The remote training collars you are looking into will certainly help with the situations you are experiencing.  These devices allow you to get your dog’s attention when they are distracted, it is like an extension of your arm that you use to pull your dog’s attention back to you so you can then point them in the direction.


Honestly, vibration or audio collars are going to be fairly ineffective with most adult dogs, especially more intelligent, headstrong breeds such as huskies and shepherds.  The static electric collars are going to most probably be the only method that would provide you with any noticeable result in the end, though you have to understand how they work and be comfortable using the device as well.  I would suggest you give us a call, when you get a chance, to have a quick chat about the particular issues you are trying to control and how you can effectively use an electric training collar to communicate with your dogs.  You can check out this link regarding function of electric collars in the meantime if you like -


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