Can a dog wear a Bark Collar when it already has a Containment System Collar?

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12 Apr 2024

Q.  We have an electric dog fence system where the dog wears a collar. If we were to get an electric bark collar would that confuse them?


A.  Whilst it is not desirable to have a dog wearing multiple collars it is sometimes unavoidable if both escaping and barking are issues you need to fix.  However we do recommend that you introduce the correction devices one at a time.  Ensure your dog is fully aware of how the dog fence system works before introducing the bark collar.  Never introduce the collars at the same time as this can create confusion.  When fitting the two collars ensure the bark collar is at the top of the neck in the correct position and fit the containment collar below it and move the module to the side for better comfort.  This type of scenario is always something we suggest you call and discuss with one of our experts to get the right solution.