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What is the best Bark Collar for my Huntaway?

The Huntaway is a New Zealand dog breed primarily used for sheep herding due to its deep bark and instinctive herding ability. The Huntaway is extraordinarily smart and generally very easy to train. They are a friendly breed and very active. 

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Will a Remote Trainer help control my German Shepherd?

Q.  I have a German Shepherd 8 year old.  I need something to control him especially while out walking - he can get nasty if people come to talk.  I see you have some remote trainers around the $300 mark.  Would this stop his behaviour?

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My Maremma is getting a bit aggressive.....

Q.  I am after some help.  I have a Maremma dog, she is great with our kids and grandkids.  However, I am finding that when people drop over she is getting a bit aggressive with her barking.  She goes right up to them barking and when she is in that zone she sometimes won't listen or back down.  She is very quiet by nature, even though it may not sound that way.  I am thinking of trying a training collar to get her to stand down.  When she is in that zone I thought this may help make her listen.

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My dog targets younger dogs at our local dog park - HELP!

Q.  My 16 month old german shepherd is desexed and targets younger dogs at our local dog park, aggressively chasing them down.  This causes distress to the dog owner, their dog and to myself. I believe an e-collar would help correct this behaviour but am unsure which one would be suitable for my needs. Please help us!

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My dog is intelligent and has "Selective Hearing" and only comes when he wants

Q.  Hi, I have a working dog breed that picks and chooses when to come when called. Certain places he can be great, but the places he knows that when he gets called and he is going to be put away, he doesn't come to me. I realise that some people would say well do lots of calling and patting and don't put him away. But hes so intelligent he just knows and I feel like he needs to learn to come when called no matter the scenario.

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Should I introduce a Remote Training Collar with a Husky?

Q.  I am just after some advice on your remote control training collars.  I have a husky and a swiss shepherd and can walk the shepherd off leash but not my husky.  He constantly pushes his boundaries and will take off running if given the chance as is pretty typical of his breed.  If I go after him it becomes a game which he loves so I have to casually walk in the direction he is going and intercept him to catch him or get him to chase me. 

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A Remote Training Collar for a 12 month old Kelpie

Q.  Hi, I am looking for a remote collar for a 12 month kelpie.  It is to use for behavioural issues like continuous barking when on the back of the ute and snapping the air when cars go past.  She is biting at the other dogs chain in frustration when on the ute.  We have tried several methods to stop her, but she is a typical kelpie and gets way too excited to calm down to even make her see what she is doing wrong.

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Do you offer rentals for Dog Training Collars?

Q.  Just wondering if you do a rental for the static remote dog training collars, like you do with the bark collars? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A.  Hi,  The short answer is no we do not.  There is an important reason behind this.  We recommend that with any dog training collar work you need an introduction period of the dog wearing the collar without you even using the handset.

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Why are Citronella Bark Collars not recommended for working dogs?

Q.   Hi, why is the citronella collar not recommended for working dogs please?  My situation is this: I have a Kelpie that "yelps" constantly when I start a quad bike.  She also runs and barks at the horses when entering paddocks.  She is quite a 'sensitive' dog so my thinking is a shock collar would make her world collapse.  I am after your opinion please.  Many thanks

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What Remote Training Collar is best for a deaf puppy?

Q.  I have a 12 week old Australian Shepherd x Kelpie that is about 5kgs, and very playful.  We are starting to train him and it can be hard to get his attention when he is out on our rural property.  Do you have any remote training collars that could help with this?

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Is there an Electric Dog Fence that can also be used for cats?

Q.  I'm looking at purchasing an electric dog fence system.  Is there one that works with cats, or do I need to purchase a separate system?  Also, can I adjust the strength of the fence to suit different sized dogs?

A.  There are certainly a couple of fences that can be used for cats, the best being the DogWatch Hidden Fence

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What fence should I use with my Siberian Husky?

Q.  I have a Siberian Husky and was wondering if the Innotek Basic Dog Fencing System would stop him from getting out?

A.  Thanks for your inquiry.  As a rule, we would not recommend that system for an adult Husky.

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How deep does the Dog Containment wire need to be buried?

Q.  Could you please tell me how deep the wire for a dog containment fence needs to be buried? Are there anything else I need to be aware of when installing the boundary wire? Thank you

A.  The containment wire does not have to be buried, it can be attached to existing fencing*.  However, if you want to bury the wire, you will need to ensure that it is below the grass line.  Generally a few cms will do the trick.  This also protects the wire from mowers and whipper snippers.

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Will an Ultrasonic Bark Device work on my four Greyhounds?

Q.  I have 4 greyhounds who aren't bad, but they bark when I leave for work at 3:30am. My neighbours are close so I don't want to upset them. Will the Outdoor Ultrasonic Device work for my dogs?  Can you recommend what is the best solution for my dogs that is relatively cost effective?

A.  Ultrasonics are an option for your situation, though they may not be as effective as collars.

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Dobermann that is barking too much

Q.  What type of bark collar do I need.  I have an almost 2 year old Doberman that for some reason insists on barking for minor reasons.  I am after something that will help train her to not bark when not needed e.g. Cat sitting across the road, kids playing in their own yards, nuisance barking for attention at the neighbour over the fence when we are not home, etc. I don’t want to stop her barking completely however as I do want her to bark when it is needed

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Female Dobermann who is a constant barker

Q.  I have a 2 and a half year old female doberman who is a constant barker and i've been having issues with the neighbours. I'm unsure of which model to go with but I have been recommended an e collar and this site from friends with dobermans who have had the same issues. There are so many bark collars to choose from and I cant make up my mind.

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I have the neighbours from Hell! I own two Great Danes and they keep barking at my neighbours.

Q. Please Help! I have the neighbours from hell. I own two Great Danes and they keep barking at my neighbours. Mind you the neighbours keep putting their hands and things on our side of the fence. But I don't want to have a noise complaint made nor make it any harder then it needs to be.

I have never really been fond of the idea of shock collars but it's come to the point I need to try them.

Can you please give me an idea of what will happen?

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I have adopted a rescue dog, Jack Russell breed. He barks at anything that moves.

I have adopted a rescue dog, Jack Russel breed. He barks at anything that moves, neighbours are complaining. I have used an ultrasonic collar but not working as he is a stubborn and untrained dog. He is 10 years old now.

Can you recommend something harder for my untrained dog?

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Can a dog wear a Bark Collar when it already has a Containment System Collar?

Q.  We have an electric dog fence system where the dog wears a collar. If we were to get an electric bark collar would that confuse them?

A.  Whilst it is not desirable to have a dog wearing multiple collars it is sometimes unavoidable if both escaping and barking are issues you need to fix.

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Two King Charles Cavaliers barking throughout the day

Q.  I have two cavalier king Charles spaniel who are 5 years old - brother and sister. Their barking usually occurs throughout the day.

One will bark and the other barks too. When people walk by and dogs barking in the neighbourhood. Being two of them it can sound quite frenzied. They are both quite nervous and one is very compulsive. He barks for excitement which also sets her off.

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Our Maltese X scratches at the doors, windows and fence. Will a Training Collar help stop this?

Q.  I am looking for something for an 8yr old maltease X who scratches the colourbond fence, Windows & door. We have worked with a dog trainer, however catching him and providing a consequence isn't possible as he hears us coming & it's happily sitting waiting for us, I was thinking of a training collar. Do you think this will work & what would you suggest?

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Which fence is best for a wandering Labrador on acreage?

Q.  Hi, I am looking at an electric dog containment system for our wandering Labrador.  We are on 40 acres, but I am looking to fence her in an area of about 4 acres, a boundary fencing area of just under 500metres.  We need a system with a waterproof collar as she loves to get into the dam and horse water troughs regularly.  Can you advise what you think would be the best cost effective system that you have is.

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My dogs need Bark Collars but I still want them to bark at night.

Q.  My dogs need bark collars.  At night though, they are pretty good and only really bark when there is something to bark at.  This is reassuring in terms of security.  I guess once they wear these that security is gone if they no longer bark.

A.  That's fine, just have the collars on during the day, as they can only wear the collar for about 10 hours per day. 

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My Siberian Husky likes to howl. Which Bark Collar is going to work?

Q.  Hi Just wondering how much success you have had with your bark collars when used on Siberian Husky's. I have a stubborn boy who likes to howl and is starting to get to the neighbours. Wasn't sure how well the collars would work with a howl and not a bark and then there's the thicker fur around the neck.

A.  Very good question. The best option for howling dogs is the E-Collar Technologies BP-504.

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What is the best anti-bark collar for my Dachshund?

Q.  What is the best anti bark collar for our 12kg Dachshund?

A.  For your Dachshunds, we have a couple of collars that will work for your situation.

We have an electric option which has a 98-99% success rate or the spray collars which have a 70-75% success rate

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What is the best Bark Collar for my Border Collie?

Intelligent, loyal, and extremely active, the Border Collie is a well-respected dog in the working field and in families across the globe. Originally bred for herding livestock, the skill has been deliberately encouraged and can be shown on farms, and even around cats, dogs, and small children. Regardless of their natural working nature, the Border Collie's playful personality fits in well with active families providing they are given the correct training and socialisation.

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What is the best Bark Collar for my Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler?

Cattle Dogs, also known as Blue Heelers, or ‘Blueys’, were originally bred as herding working dogs for Australian conditions - which required stamina, strength, boldness, and drive. The Australian Cattle Dog's intelligence, loyalty, energy and stocky build make them a reliable working dog trusted by farmers across the country. Considered low maintenance, this breed doesn’t require a lot beyond regular exercise and basic care which makes them a great companion for families and older dog owners.

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What is the best Bark Collar for my Shih Tzu or Maltese?

The Maltese and Shih Tzu dog breeds are regarded as gentle and fearless, greeting everyone like a long-lost friend. Sweet and intelligent by nature, Maltese and Shih Tzus are devoted to their owners and are eager to please. Due to their size, these dogs are well suited to apartment living, but with that said, their delicate looks can be deceiving -

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What is the Best Bark Collar for my Poodle?

Intelligent, active, elegant, and identified by their unique curly coat, the Poodle has become a much-loved family member and a recognised breed in dog shows and events. The Poodle comes in 3 average sizes; Toy (24-28cm), Mini (28-35cm) and Standard (45-60cm). The Standard Poodle typically has a calmer personality compared to the smaller breeds but in saying that, all Poodles can become high strung if they're not given the proper amount of exercise or mental stimulation each day.

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What is the best Bark Collar for my Beagle?

Cute, adorable – and they have sucked you in. The Beagle is a very popular breed in families and working environments. Weighing in at just over 10kg and standing up to 40cm tall, the Beagle is curious and affectionate but can be very headstrong. Training from an early age is vital, as is regular exercise. Lack of physical and mental stimulation may result in digging, escaping, and nuisance barking -

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What is the best Bark Collar for my German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is a medium to large sized working dog and a much-loved pet in many families. Due to their strength, intelligence, trainability, and obedience, German Shepherds have been a reliable dog breed for various types of work including; Disability Assistance, Search & Rescue, and Police & Military roles.

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What is the best Bark Collar for my Kelpie?

Reliable and intelligent, the Australian Kelpie was, and still is, primarily bred as a working dog on livestock properties. Their endurance and intelligence are perfect traits for working conditions which is why they are trusted by livestock farmers across the country. Their friendly personality makes them a great family pet, however, as a pet, this independent thinker can become a handful.

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