Do I need to do the Training for my Electric Dog Fence?

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15 Apr 2024

Electric Dog Fence Training is Important

So your electric dog fence is installed and everything seems to be working.  The next thing is to put the dog out in the yard and let it figure out where it's new boundaries are...Right?

Absolutely not!

The most important part of dog containment systems is the training, and it's not fair on your dog not to do it.  Most importantly it is easy and can be fun to do!

So why don't people do the training?  Like a lot of men out there we don't read the instructions (you know who you are!!).

All dog containment kits come with clear instructions on how to carry out the training but a lot of us don't get past the cover!

Another reason is that often people are in a rush to get the dog fencing system up and running to prevent the next dog escape, and that is fair enough.

The stress of persistent dog escapes would make any person want to hurry and the get their electric dog fence up and running as soon as possible. There are a couple of big negatives to consider though, by not doing the training:

1. The effectiveness of the fence can be compromised

If you have a non-existing fence or very poor fencing, you may find your dog on the other side of the barrier wire very quickly.

With no training, most dogs will approach the correction zone for the first time facing toward the outside of the property. Upon getting the correction they will often 'bolt' in a forward direction putting them outside your property.

Apart from that, the dog may learn that getting to the other side is what makes the correction go away.

By doing the training we teach the dog to come back to the centre of the yard not go forward, to make the correction go away.

2. You may create an environment where your dog is too scared to step outside into the yard.

Imagine when your dog gets the correction for the first time with no previous training.

The dog will not know if standing on the grass, or simply being outside or some other reason not involved with the containment fence layout has caused it.

Remember, your dog is not as smart as a human and needs your help to understand what makes the correction happen and how to make it go away. The training is designed to teach your dog where they can safely and confidently go. This applies to any electric dog fence system.

The effectiveness of any dog containment fence relies on the 'fight or flight' mechanism of your dog's brain.

Proper Training is Recommended for a Reason

Proper training will teach your dog the safe zones around your house, as well as the 'no-go' zones around your property and to stay well away from them.

The end result is a happy, safe dog that no longer tries to escape. Or more importantly, an owner that is no longer stressed!

For more Electric Dog Fence training ideas, read our 'Simple Training Guide' or take a look at our Dog Fencing Systems.