Do you offer rentals for Dog Training Collars?

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024

Q.  Just wondering if you do a rental for the static remote dog training collars, like you do with the bark collars? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


A.  Hi,  The short answer is no we do not.  There is an important reason behind this.  We recommend that with any dog training collar work you need an introduction period of the dog wearing the collar without you even using the handset.  Otherwise you risk creating a big problem with the dog being "collar wise".  This means your dog will associate the collar with the correction, and only respond when wearing the collar.  This means your dog will ignore you when not wearing the collar.



The introduction period is so that your dog thinks it is just a new collar, and following this period, doesn't associate the collar with the correction.  The result is your dog will then associate the correction with his behaviour.  I hope that makes sense.  


Be careful of sites that do offer rentals, as the dog training collars are usually very poor quality ones.


Please call if you wish to discuss further.