Dog Containment Fences

Common Dog Fence Layouts Videos

Not sure of the best way to run the wire around your boundary? Here are some short videos of the most common dog fence layouts. Be sure to contact us if you require a different type of layout...

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Dog Fences - A Simple Training Guide

Training your dog to respond to your containment fence is EXTREMELY important. We cannot reiterate this enough. Containment fence systems are a highly effective way to keep your dog safe in your yard, providing the training has been completed.

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Electric Dog Fencing - How do I run the wire?

Hints and Tips to Install Dog Fencing

An electric dog fence is usually very easy to install, even if you are not that handy! However there are a few tricks to the trade that can make installation even easier!

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Do you have an escaping dog? Here are the available solutions.

Dog Fencing Solutions For Escaping Dogs

So your dog is getting out and you've had your first council fine. Or, you may have just paid the Vet bill after your dog was injured by a car. Both unpleasant scenarios to consider, but they happen daily around the country.  The next step for most dog owners is obviously to stop it happening again.

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Do I need to do the Training for my Electric Dog Fence?

You may be thinking that installing your electric fence is all you need to do, unfortunetly that is not the case. The most important part of dog containment systems is the training...

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Thinking of Purchasing an Electric Dog Fence? Common Facts and Myths

If you have a dog that is prone to escaping your physical boundary no matter how many modifications you make, or you simply don’t have a physical boundary in place, an electric dog fence is one of the most reliable, cost effective and SAFE containment options to consider for your pets.

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Containment Fence FAQs

Do Electric Dog Fences Really Work?
Electric dog fences are an extremely effective way to prevent your dog from escaping when you choose a quality system based on your dogs to breed, physical characteristics, age and motivation to escape. Your property size, existing fences and how the dog is escaping will also help determine the right electric dog fence.

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How Dog Containment Fences work

First of all, please note that when we talk about containment fence systems, electric dog fences, hidden dog fences, in-ground radio fences etc, we are effectively talking about the same thing.

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Additional Wire Chart For Dog Fences

Unless otherwise stated, all dog containment systems come with 150 metres of boundary wire. If you need to cover a larger area, you will need to add extra boundary kits to your dog fence...

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Why do I need to train my dog to use an Electric Dog Fence?

Why is the training so important once you have installed your dog containment fence?

Simple answer, we want to teach the dog that approaching the restricted zone of your dog fence is better avoided and staying in the safe zone is the safest place to be! Imagine if you set your containment system up, whack on the collar and just let your dog figure it out.

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What should I look for in a DIY Electric Dog Fence?

Benefits of Electric Dog Fencing Systems

We can not emphasise enough how important dog containment fence systems are and how beneficial they are to all dog owners. Benefits include:

  • Affordable price
  • Effectively keeps your dog safely contained
  • Easy to install
  • Peace of mind

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The right Electric Dog Fence for your dog

So, you need a dog containment system but you're not sure about the right one? We've put together this quick guide to take some of the guesswork out of choosing the right dog containment fence for your dog and your property.

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Most Popular Dog Containment Fence Layouts

We often get asked how to install a containment fence system or what the best layout is. Everyone's situation is different and on this page are a few of the most popular fence layouts.

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