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16 Apr 2024

Unfortunately, dogs grow old just like we do, and like many of us humans, many dogs still want to do all the things they did when they were young. With a little bit of assistance, the good news is that many dogs can still live an active, stimulating life well into their later years.

Exercising Your Older Dog

All dogs benefit from exercise, both physically and mentally.  However, as they get older, we may need to reduce the impact on their tired old joints.  It is a well-known fact that most dogs will suffer from leg, hip and back issues, especially in the latter stages of life.

Activities such as swimming are a great way to provide a low-impact exercise alternative that will assist with burning energy, improving circulation, and strengthening muscles and tendons.  A swimming harness is a great accessory to help keep older dogs buoyant and exercise safely in pools or in nature.

If you do not have access to a suitable swimming location, then a support harness that takes some of the weight off your dog’s hips and rear legs can also keep your dogs exercising into their later years.

Travelling with Your Aging Dog

Most dogs love travelling in the family car.  Unfortunately, as they get older, some dogs can no longer get into the family vehicle like they used to.

A dog ramp is a great accessory to assist your dog gain access to a vehicle.  Even if your dog can still ‘just’ jump into the back of your car, a ramp may be a great way of preventing further injuries or aggravating existing conditions.

Lifting aids are also an excellent alternative for lifting smaller dogs into vehicles.  These specially designed harnesses are designed to support your dog where it is needed most to lift safely into anything.

Mobility and Rehabilitation with Your Aging Dog

We never want to leave our dog behind when we go on outings, and enjoying those walks with our dogs are moments we don’t want to miss out on. As they get older, their joints become delicate, and our dogs get slower, especially after surgery during the recovery phase.

A practical and safe way to help your recovering dog get around the house without exerting pressure on certain joints during recovery are Lifting Aids. They are designed to minimise the pain associated with general mobility activities by supporting their lower body and added padding for comfort.

Support Harnesses are also an excellent solution for dogs who have trouble moving around due to old age. Taking weight off joints allows your dog to move with ease without the added difficulty that comes with old age. They provide comfort, stability and security to keep your dog calm while walking.

Staying Healthy and Feeling Young

With a healthy diet, regular check-ups and minor changes to help your senior dog get around, they will still be able to live and feel like they are young again. No matter the age, your dog can live their years in happiness and comfort with the proper care and products. Always make sure you consult your vet regarding your dog’s health and what you can do to help your pet ease its way back to total health. As longstanding suppliers of canine essentials for Australia’s dog lovers, we’ve got everything you need, no matter the age.

*Disclaimer: This article is for dogs who may be going through surgery or are entering their senior years. We recommend talking to a professional for diet and physio tips.