How much sleep do dogs really need?

Regardless of the reasons, your dog will always be at its best, both from a temperament perspective and their physical performance when they've had an adequate sleep.

Sleep is just as essential as a healthy diet and frequent exercise

Studies show that like humans, sleep deprivation in pets can lead to negative effects including; aggression/unpredictable behaviour, change in eating habits, drowsiness or hyperactivity and an increased chance of illness and anxiousness.

12-14 Hours is the recommended amount of sleep

The amount of sleep your dog needs depends on many factors including its: breed, age, size and general health and wellness. Some experts say that larger dogs generally need more sleep than our smaller companions. The recommended amount of sleep for dogs is 12-14 hours a day. Unlike humans, dog sleep is usually broken into smaller sleeping times spread across the day...usually because we wake them up for various reasons!

I can remember when I was a Police Dog Handler, I would come home after a night shift and observe my dogs sleeping in their kennel all day till the next evening. They would be so deep in sleep I would actually question whether or not they were ok!

Make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep!

Whether you have an inside or outside dog, we want to make sure your dog has the best place to sleep! Make sure they are comfortable and dry 24/7. You wouldn’t want to sleep somewhere that wasn’t! The HoundHouse Original Canvas Dog Kennel is perfect for outside dogs and heat pads can ensure your dog is warm during the winter months.

Meanwhile, inside dogs might have a different preference to their sleeping arrangements. Find somewhere your dog is both comfortable and in a quiet space; enough to not be woken by noisy kids and blaring television sets. The MidWest Crates and Beds are a great bundle for indoor dogs.

So, it is important to recognise that your dog needs quality sleep to go with good nutrition and exercise. Working out a good sleeping location and not constantly waking your sleeping dog will ensure that they have the quality rest it needs!

Keep an eye out for any changes

Every dog's sleeping pattern is different however if your dog's sleeping patterns change suddenly, there might be a reason to be concerned. There are many reasons this could occur and we recommend seeking advice from your vet if something seems a bit off.