How to look after 'Outdoor Dogs' in Winter

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17 Apr 2024

The cooler weather is here and if we are feeling it, our dogs are definitely feeling it too. It's no surprise that just like us, our dogs can get sick in winter so we need to go to extra measures to keep them fit and healthy during the colder months.

So how do we go about keeping our outdoor dogs healthy through winter?

1. Keep them hydrated

Even though it is cooler, your dogs still need to stay hydrated. Making sure they have a fresh supply of clean water will ensure they are keeping themselves hydrated throughout the day and night.

2. A warm place to sleep

If your dog is going to stay outside all day and night, they will need a warm place to sleep that keeps them out of the elements. A dog kennel is a good option for keeping dogs dry and warm. If you decide to let your dog sleep indoors during the cooler months, a dog crate can be a great option for you.

3. Keep them well fed

A dog uses its weight to keep themselves warm in the winter as well. While your dog might be trying to eat more, you need to make sure they are eating the right food to stay healthy. Check the nutritional content of dog food before buying it.

4. Consider buying them a coat

Your dog might need some extra help to stay warm and it may be worth buying them a coat. While they may look ridiculous, at least your dog has less chance of getting sick. This is particularly important for working dogs that can't afford to be out of action.

5. Keep up the exercise

Dogs still need exercise in the winter months. If you keep up the regular walks it will also ensure you are getting your exercise too.