How to stop a dog howling or whining

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15 Apr 2024

Is Your Barking Dog Also Howling and Whining?

Here at Bark Control Australia, we often get calls from customers with dogs that howl, cry or whine assuming the simple solution is to buy a bark control collar to fix the problem however, it's not usually that simple. Why? Because most barking collars are activated by the vibration of your dog's vibration chords as they bark.

When your dog barks, your dog's vocal chords vibrate vigorously. On the other hand, When your dog is howling, whinging or whining, their vocal chords don't produce enough of a vibration to activate the bark collar.

A sound activated collar or vibration activated collar with an adjustable vibration sensitivity setting are your best options. Although there aren't many collars to choose from, we still have a few potential solutions. Scroll down to our collar recommendations for howling/whining dogs.

If you would like to understand how our collars work in relation to your dog's howling behaviour, read on.

Electric Bark Collars

When looking for a static electric collar for your howling dog, you will need to look for a sound-activated collar or a collar with an adjustable vibration sensor.

The reason for this is that standard vibration-activated collars and sound & vibration (dual) activated collars are not designed to detect the smaller vocal chord vibration that howling produces.

Nearly all static electric bark collars are activated by a vibration sensor that picks up the vibration of your dog's vocal cords when they bark. As said above, when your dog howls, whinges or whines, your dog's vocal cords do not provide enough of a vibration to activate the collar.

However, there is one vibration-activated collar suitable for howling/whining dogs - The E-Collar Technologies BP-504. This collar features an adjustable vibration sensor. Of course, normal dog behaviour such as scratching, swallowing and running will not activate the collar.

We have a couple of sound-activated bark collars, and these can be effective in single-dog scenarios. If there are 2 or more dogs within a few metres of the dog wearing the sound-activated collar, the collar may deliver a false correction as a result of another dog's barking.

Citronella Spray Collars

We only recommend using a Citronella Spray Collar on sensitive/timid pet breed dogs, however, the two current models use a vibration sensor calibrated for standard barking, so may not activate with howling. We recommend using a static electric collar on working breed dogs because they will not be bothered by the citronella spray and continue nuisance barking /howling.

Stationary Bark Deterrents

Our stationary bark deterrents are also sound activated however they often require the dog to be howling within a close proximity to the unit in order to deliver its ultrasonic tone. Generally, we don't recommend these products to curb this type of behaviour.

So What's the Solution?

The E-Collar Technologies BP-504

Suitable dog sizes: 5kg+

Correction Type: Static Electric

Activation Type: Vibration Activated

Suitable for Multiple Dog Environments: Yes

The E-Collar Technologies BP-504 Bark Collar is your best bet when it comes to solving your dog's howling. It's the only vibration-activated collar that has adjustable sensitivity.

Simply set the collar to high sensitivity to allow it to pick up the small vibrations of your dog's vocal cords as they howl, whinge or whine.

Because this collar is vibration activated, the collar is suitable for multiple dog environments.