I have adopted a rescue dog, Jack Russell breed. He barks at anything that moves.

Bark Control Collars and Customer FAQ's


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12 Apr 2024

Q. Hello,

I have adopted a rescue dog, Jack Russel breed. He barks at anything that moves, neighbours are complaining. I have used an ultrasonic collar but not working as he is a stubborn and untrained dog. He is 10 years old now.

Can you recommend something harder for my untrained dog?


A. Electric barking collars are best for headstrong little Jack Russels.  The two collars below are some of our best performers:

The Bark Collar by DogWatch – BT-7 - https://www.barkcontrol.com.au/the-barkcollar-by-dogwatch-no-bark-trainer-bt-7.html

DT Ultra Min-e - https://www.barkcontrol.com.au/dt-ultra-min-e-2090-bark-collar.html

Both of the barking collars above would do a great job controlling your dog's barking, though if you have any further questions, please feel free to call us on 1300 668 931.